Installation requirements

Installation requirements must be regarded carefully to ensure effective operation of Astra G wood gasifying boiler. Attention has to be paid to the next issues:
Accumulation tank. Astra G wood gasifying boiler should be connected with a heat accumulation tank. The use of heat accumulation has many advantages:

  1. 15-20% lower fuel consumption. Wood gasifying boilers operate in the most effective mode when they are run at 70-100% of their rated heat output. However, ¾ time of heating season atmosphercal temperatures fall in the range of +70 - -70 C and the heat produced at the rated output mode is too excessive. The controller is forced to frequently impede combustion by stopping air supply. As the outcome of such an undesirable combustion mode appears greater smoke generation, boiler temperature drop, soot formation, etc. All the aforementioned problems are resolved by discharging the excessive heat into connected heat accumulation tank.
  2. The Astra G boiler could be refilled with longer intervals or at customer suitable moment. The boiler together with an accumulation tank have greater scope of heat inertia, therefore  radiators in premises will not begin cooling down right after the boiler stops as they will be charged from the accumulation tank.
  3. More powerful boiler could be installed and thus intervals between fuel refilling further prolonged. Installing  boiler with appropriate capacity heat accumulation tank limits the boiler power choice to investment size and affordable boiler room space. We recomend that accumulation tank capacity has to be calculated multiplying 50 litres pro one boiler rated output kilowatt. For example, if you consider installing Astra G 25 kilowatt boiler, the accumulation tank capacity would be 1250 litres. In the situation of space lack in a boiler room the lowest allowable accumulation capacity ratio would be 25 litres pro heat output kilowatt, but in this case we recomend to install not too powerfull boiler, but right the required one.
  4. In-house climate management stability. The temperature in your house could be kept stable at programmed levels because it is not correlated with the boiler cumbustion cycles when the Astra G boiler is installed with the heat accumulation tank.

Professional installers. Astra G wood gasifying boiler installation can be done by specialized installation companies trained by manufacturer.
Return water temperature. Not lower than 60°C returning cold water to the Astra G boiler must be guaranteed by a boiler installer. The minimum above mentioned temperature should be always kept during further boiler operation. Therefore, highly advisable to install the Laddomat 21 or  60°C ESBE thermoregulation valve in the boiler circuit together with a pump, ball valve, floating non-return flap valve and filter, to make sure that the temperature of water returning to the boiler never falls below 60°C. The installation decisions, which ensure even higher returning water temperature of up to 72-78°C, makes even more efficient the Astra G boiler combustion.
Overheating protection. Astra G wood gasifying boiler must be protected against overheating in case of electric power failure. Every Astra G boiler has inside the heat exchanger installed cooling loop intended to be streamed by the public water supply in case of circulation pumps stop and consequent raise of temperature in the boiler to 95-97°C.
Installation diagram. There are many  possible Astra G boiler installation configurations but we strongly recommend the piping circuit presented below (see picture).

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