Accumulation tanks Astra T

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Rectangular heat accumulation tanks Astra T

The Astra T tank is designed for accumulation of surplus heat and further return of it when required to a heating system of a house. It is strongly recommended to install the tank with all types of solid fuel heating boilers. If the tank is fitted with a coil, it can also store both solar and geothermal energy.

Advantages of the Astra T rectangular accumulation tank:


- Decreases fuel load frequency when a more powerful heating boiler and a corresponding capacity tank is selected;

- The boiler can operate at maximum power - this mode increases lifetime of the boiler;

- Firewood gets burned more completely and heating results in a better fuel economy;

- Temperature of heated rooms is more stable and easier to control.


- The rectangular tank is space-saving; it can be placed in a corner;

- The rectangular tank can be insulated with rock wool or EPS plates while thickness of the insulation can be chosen deliberately;

- All rectangular tanks can be brought in through standard and even smaller doors.

Astra T rectangular tank can be delivered:

- Without heating coil;

- With a single heating coil at the top in models 1000l and more;

Key data of the Astra T rectangular tanks:

Volume: 500 l, 750 l, 1000 l, 1200 l, 1500 l, 2000 l, 2500 l, 3000 l;

Working pressure: up to 1.8 bar;

Thickness of steel: 3 mm;

Insulation: insulated separately with rock wool or EPS plates at the place of installation;

Coating: the outer surface is coated with primer; the inner surface comes without coating.